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Huawei To Enter Smart Glasses Market July

Huawei has surprised global media and announced it’s entering the smart glasses market in June – July 2019, showcasing the highly wearable frames during its P30 smartphone launch.

Prepared in collaboration with Korean eyewear designer, Gentle Monster, the products seek to succeed where Google and Snap failed.

The news follows reports Apple, Amazon and Intel also developing smart glasses tech.

Intended to closely mimic regular glasses, the products address privacy concerns by not incorporating a camera.

Despite this, Huawei’s smart glasses claim to offer ample tech smarts e.g. answering phone calls by tapping glasses arms, and wireless charging in the case.

The glasses arms also discretely house directional microphones and speakers, with voice assistant integration, complemented by a 2,200mAh battery.

Australian pricing and availability is yet to be confirmed, with commentators questioning permissions required amid Huawei’s ongoing security saga.

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