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Huawei Embrace Android Wear 2.0 With New Smartwatch

As previously tipped, Chinese player Huawei used a press event kicking off this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to reveal their next-generation of smartwatches.

Called the Huawei Watch 2, the new device promise to deliver on both a new aesthetic and cellular connectivity.

Huawei says that “in a world where technology has become more and more integrated into our lives, the Huawei Watch 2 is a product for those who yearn for the freedom to explore while staying connected, without having to be glued to a smartphone.”



According to them, users can leave their mobile phone at home and go running, cycling or just exploring while staying connected. Thanks to independent mobile connectivity and a built in GPS chip, users can respond to calls and text messages, use independent apps like Uber, Foursquare and Telegram. The innovative design means that this extra connectivity comes with no sacrifice on quality.”

Design-wise, the new wearable will pack a sportier look with a 1.2-inch display.

Like the recently-released P9, there will also a be a Prosche Design variant of the watch available in limited quantities.

Meanwhile, a new, low-power “watch mode” will allow the watches to last up to 25 days and a heart-rate sensor promises to make it a perfect fit for fitness junkies.

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group says that “Iin today’s fragmented information age, the real function of technology is to provide convenience and connectivity without intruding on your daily life. We wanted to make a product that suits those individuals who wish to explore the limits of their own expression, while still being bound by a need to stay connected.”

“With this product there is no need to stay glued to your smartphone,” he said.

A local Huawei spokesperson indicated to ChannelNews that the new smartwatch is targeting May/June for local release.

Local pricing is at this time unconfirmed.

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