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Motorola Marches Out G5 For MWC

Motorola, along with announcing a slew of new MotoMods for their existing handsets, has also announced a pair of new ones in the form of the G5 and G5 Plus.

The 5-inch G5 features a 1.4Ghz quad-core processor, 2GBs of RAM and a 2800mAh battery

Meanwhile, the G5 Plus bumps those specs up to 2Ghz and 3000 mAh, respectively. It also adds another two points to screen size, bringing the G5 Plus’ display to 5.2-inches.

Both phones run on Android Nougat and include functionality with Google’s own voice assistant.

Like rivals Huawei and Oppo, Motorola is emphasising the power of the camera in the G5.

According to the company, “Moto G5 Plus gives you the most advanced 12MP camera in its class. The first Moto G5 Plus with Dual Autofocus Pixels, it locks onto the target in the blink of an eye so you never miss a shot. By utilizing 10x more pixels on the sensor, you can focus on your subject up to 60 percent faster than Moto G4 Plus.”

The company have released a colorful promo for the device, seen below:

The Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus will be available beginning in March in various countries across Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and North America.

Australian pricing and availability to be confirmed.

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