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Huawei Still Committed To Oz Despite 5G Ban

Huawei has confirmed it’s still committed to the Australian market, despite being banned from the local 5G network build.

Speaking to The AustralianHuawei Australia Chairman, John Lord, admits the ban is a severe set-back, adding 4G remains “a big part” of its business – enough to keep it occupied in the “near term.”

Chairman Lord affirms a company restructure will be required after the 5G roll-out, but this won’t truly trigger until the technology – and compatible handsets – further mature.

Following last week’s announcement, commentators expressed concern the Chinese company could withdraw from Australia entirely.

Speculation also mounted that Huawei was considering legal action against the Australian federal government.

Lord asserts legal action isn’t a “real option at the moment”, with the company more interested in “trying to understand” the government’s concerns.

Whilst Huawei (and fellow Chinese giant ZTE) were not explicitly named in the government’s ruling, 5G provisions block any companies “likely to be subject to extrajudicial directions from a foreign government that conflict with Australian law.”

Commentators question whether other international governments will follow Australia’s lead, with reports emerging Japan and Canada may be amidst similar discussions.

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