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Huawei Australia Appoints New CEO, Again

Recent reports reveal Huawei Australia has appointed former Global Head of Human Resources, George Huang [Huang Ji], as its new Chief Executive, effective immediately.

Mr Huang takes the role after former CEO, James Zhao, left the company in March last year. Zhao was briefly replaced by Mr Aragon Meng, who stepped down after just two months.

Mr Huang will be responsible for pushing Huawei Australia’s focus on global 5G, and local IoT projects.

Huang has been with Huawei since 1996, and has held a plethora of roles including; Chief of Nanjing and Indian R&D centres, President of Consumer Software Product Line, Human Resources VP of the Middle East and President of Global Device Cloud Business Unit.

Huawei Australia Chairman, John Lord, affirms the company’s Board is confident Huang will bring growth to Australia:

“With extensive experience across a range of diverse markets, the Board is confident George will drive further success in Australia”

“George will be focused on highlighting Huawei’s global 5G and IoT leadership in the local marketplace, growing the Enterprise business in the mining, transport and other industry sectors and elevating the Huawei consumer device brand”.

Just last year, in partnership with Optus Huawei Australia trialed Massive MIMO technology, as it moves towards 5G.

Optus Networks MD Dennis Wong reportedly referred to the technology as a crucial for laying the foundation for an upcoming 5G network.

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