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Huawei Adds Ex Horizon CEO To Board As Security Concerns Mount

Huawei Australia has shaken up its leadership team, adding former Aurizon CEO, Lance Hockridge, and Huawei engineer David Xu to its board. The news follows previous reports the Australian government is questioning the security implications of using Huawei products long-term.

Several American intelligence chiefs – CIA, FBI, NSA – have recently publicly recommended its citizens steer clear of the devices.

Huawei Global Chief Executive, Ken Hu, rebuffed the US government’s remarks at Mobile World Congress 2018, citing “groundless suspicions” which are unfair to the Chinese-based company.

Huawei Australia Chair John Lord has informed ZDnet, the company plans to release more devices into the Australian market. Lord states Huawei is unsure if the new MediaPad M5 will rollout locally, citing market saturation.

Mr Lord also asserts that Huawei’s Australian board is evolving to reflect a focus on Australia’s enterprise market:

“The board I think has to evolve, and this is just the first change”

“There’ll be others in the future, and start to really give George and his team the support in industries”.

The news comes as Huawei Australia appointed its new CEO, George Huang [Huang Ji], earlier this month.

Speaking of its new board members, Mr Lord states former Horizon boss, Lance Hockridge, will assist the company to prepare for 5G:

“His management and experience delivering large infrastructure projects will complement our business as we continue to roll out 4.5G mobile networks and prepare for the 5G revolution”

“He will also provide great insight for our growing Enterprise business as more and more mining and transport projects consider our world-leading communications and IT products and solutions.”

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