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Huawei Accused Of Stealing Tech Days After Mate 20 Launch

A Silicon Valley startup – backed by Microsoft and Dell – has accused Huawei of stealing semi-conductor technology, just days after the Chinese giant launched its new Mate 20 Pro smartphone, featuring a unique semiconductor.

As per the South China Morning Posta former Huawei employee alleges the company stole IP, with a court filing affirming it’s the “latest in a long line of underhanded tactics.”

In December last year, Huawei and its FutureWei unit sued former employee, Yiren “Ronnie” Huang, and his startup, CNEX Labs, claiming he obtained and utilised sensitive semiconductor trade secrets.

Huang was an engineer at FutureWei in California in 2011, before leaving two years later to form CNEX, taking them helm as Chief Technology Officer.

In an 80-page letter filed on Tuesday, Huang claims Huawei got it ‘backwards’, asserting the Chinese company hired him to take control of solid state disk non-volatile memory inventions.

Huang asserts FutureWei declined to purchase his research, and instead attempted to obtain it by hiring him.

After he left, Huang claims Huawei engaged in espionage tactics to obtain proprietary information from his new company.

A Federal Court in Texas will determine who really owns the technology, coupled with corporate espionage allegations filed by other American companies.

In his filing, Mr Huang claims Huawei is seeking to overpower the US as a component leader:

“Huawei and FutureWei have served as critical participants in a corporate espionage campaign orchestrated to steal intellectual property from American technology companies, like CNEX, in hopes of surpassing the United States as the world’s predominant technological superpower by 2025,” Huang said in his filing.”

The Chinese giant has fought back, asserting Huang and CNEX commenced patent application filings less than a month after he left FutureWei.

“Huang used information he obtained through his employment at FutureWei along with FutureWei’s resources and technology in drafting these patent applications.”

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