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HTC Post 5th Straight Quarterly Loss

Embattled Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer, HTC, has reported its 5th straight quarterly loss, continuing a long period of declining sales and dwindling market share.

The news follows the recent ban of HTC phones in the UK following a patent dispute.

For the quarter ending June 30, net loss after tax notched -NT$2.71 per share (or NT$2.23 billion), with an operating margin of -88.5% and operating loss of NT$2.49 billion.

Offering a glimmer of hope, Q2 revenues hit NT$2.81 billion (gross margin of 20.3%) – up 5.6% sequentially, and its sixth consecutive quarterly increase since Q4Y17.

Going forward, the company seeks to focus on the HTC 5G Hub, coupled with its VIVE virtual reality headsets.

HTC has also partnered with Synnex to provide enterprise resellers with VIVE VR solutions across architecture, construction, engineering, healthcare, education and more.

New details about the VIVE Cosmos headset continue to release, which will debut in 2HY19.

HTC’s 5G Hub claims to be a user-friendly, versatile device which offers smooth 4K video streaming, low-latency gaming and a 5G mobile hotspot for up to 20 devices.

The company has inked deals with Sprint in North America, EE in the UK, Sunrise in Switzerland and Telstra in Australia.

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