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Due to recent struggles in the smartphone market, HTC – who are tipped to launch several new smartphones – have moved to restructure its business, with a focus on VR and its new streaming platform.

HTC has reduced prices of its VR headsets and also released a Beta version of Viveport wireless cross-platform streaming services, with the aim of boosting sales during the year-end shopping season.

HTC will cut the prices of its VR devices ranging from US$100-300 (depending on models) with support of its Viveport Infinity digital subscription services, which allows unlimited downloading of select content.

“The new Viveport streaming service, which utilises Wi-Fi networks to connect standalone VR devices and VR-ready PCs without the need of third-party software and hardware,” said Darren Chen, HTC Taiwan president.

“It allows Vive Focus Plus or Vive Wave platform device users to access approximately 2,000 titles of VR content on the PC-side Viveport platform and VR content on the PC side.”

In addition to the launch of the Viveport streaming services, HTC has also teamed up with VR content developer Arvi to roll-out new titles for its Viveland VR theme parks ramping up significantly the number of patrons for the VR parks.

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