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HP, Dell Intel & Microsoft Move To Take On Trump Over PC Tariffs

Some of the biggest PC and related technology Companies in the world including Dell Hewlett Packard, Intel and Microsoft have teamed up to take on the US President Donald Trump over his new tariffs which are set to raise billions from the $300 Billion worth of goods in the USA that have been targeted.

Earlier this month Jason Chen the Chairman and CEO of Acer said in an exclusive interview with ChannelNews that the tariffs and the recent bans on Huawei would hurt both large and small PC manufacturers as well as their suppliers.

Dell Hewlett Packard, Intel and Microsoft all have major operations in China and because they are US Companies it’s also believed that they could face a backlash from Chinese consumers claim analysts.

According to Bloomberg, the companies submitted joint comments opposing the tariff escalation, saying it would hurt consumer products and industry, while failing to address China’s trade practices. The tariffs are poised to hit during the peak US holiday and back-to-school sales period, they said.

Dell, HP, and Microsoft said they account for about half of the notebooks and detachable tablets sold in the U.S. Prices for laptops and tablets will increase by at least 19% — about $120 for the average retail price of a laptop — if the proposed tariffs are implemented, according to a study released this week by the Consumer Technology Association.

The companies said they spent a collective $35 billion on research and development in 2018 alone, and tariff costs would divert resources from innovation while providing “a windfall” to manufacturers based outside the U.S. that are less dependent on American sales.

The Trump administration is considering public comments on the proposed duties and hearing testimony from more than 300 U.S. companies and trade groups through June 25. The tariffs could be imposed after a rebuttal period ends July 2.

The U.S. and China said their presidents will meet in Japan next week to relaunch trade talks after a month-long stalemate.

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