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Hot Drone Maker DJI Deliver A Big Spark Device

Chinese drone manufacturer DJI has moved to further expand their presence in the Australian with the launch of the “Spark” drone, the Company whose products are distributed by CR Kennedy already dominate the commercial and consumer markets for drones.

Earlier today DJI unveiled the Spark drone at Luna Park in Sydney, it’s the smallest model the Chinese drone maker makes.

The Spark can be controlled entirely through hand gestures for quick airborne selfies or you can easily use an app to deliver additional capability, including flight patterns like “Helix,” which mimics Hollywood-style action movie helicopter shots.

An optional remote control adds further control options and dramatically increases the range.

A key feature is that the new drone can detect and avoid objects in its flight path.

Because of its size the device is ideal for indoor shooting especially for designers and real estate agents who want vision of a house, it can be easily carried in a bag.

When it comes time to land, tapping the Spark’s “Return to Home” button brings the aircraft back to its departure point.

The Spark’s camera can shoot 12 megapixel photos and record 1080p high-def videos. If you want to shoot ultra-high-def 4K footage who will need a bigger version of the Companies drone such as their new Maverick.

Spark delivers 16 minutes of battery life recharging is via MicroUSB, meaning you’ll be able to top it up with the same battery backup pack used for smartphones.

Another big benefit is that the new Spark is compatible with DJI’s Goggles which when worn delivers a pilot view of what’s ahead.
headwear for flying with a first-person view from the aircraft.

The Spark is will be available for pre-order starting immediately.

The recommended retail price at retailers will be $859, with a second battery, remote, bag and other extras the cost balloons out to $1,199.

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