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ASUS Redesigns The Wi-Fi Router

ASUS have unveiled a redesign of the Wi-Fi router at Computex 2017 in Taiwan which the company said combines performance and security with style.

Alongside the launch of other new products at Computex, including new ZenBok and VivoBook laptops, ASUS showed off the Blue Cave AC2600 dual-band Wi-Fi router, featuring Intel’s latest Wi-Fi chipset.

The Blue Cave gets its design (which some early reports have compared to a Dyson fan) from the use of powerful internal antennas, which do away with the typical multiple external antennas of other Wi-Fi routers. ASUS also chose to emphasise the device’s prominent central aperture with a “gentle” blue light.

“Blue Cave delivers ultrafast AC2600-class concurrent dual-band Wi-Fi speeds throughout the home, ensuring smooth 4K UHD video streaming, lag-free gaming and fast file downloads — with the ability to support more client devices simultaneously than most routers available today, and more than enough capacity to handle the growing number of connected devices found in busy households,” ASUS said.

The Blue Cave also features IFTTT support, which allows other IFTTT-enabled devices and services to create automated tasks, along with PC-free network control using a smartphone or tablet.

Local pricing and availability haven’t been announced.

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