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“HongMeng OS Faster Than Android”, Says Huawei CEO

Founder of Huawei Ren Zhengfei claims that the company’s HongMeng OS will be “faster than Android” and will act as an interconnected solution of several devices placed in different categories.

In an excerpt published in Chinese media outlet Sina Technology, Zhengfei said that the in-house OS would work on network switches, routers, data centres and smartphones.

Speed wise, Zhengfei states that the OS has a processing delay of fewer than five milliseconds.

In addition, he said it would serve as a perfect software platform for IoT like smart home devices and autonomous vehicles.

Zhengfei also admitted that HongMeng OS is facing an uphill battle when it comes to cultivating a robust software ecosystem like with Google and Apple.

However, he added that the company is in the process of building an app store to attract more developers.

Currently, there is still no clear-cut timetable for the launch of the OS – codenamed Project Z, according to Huawei vice-chairman Ken Hu.

Reports suggest that the OS is nowhere close to proper deployment, suggesting that Huawei’s dependency on Android might last for much longer.

He also reiterated the fact that Huawei was, and is and active and firm supporter of Android and that HongMeng is a last resort solution.

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