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Hisense Snares #3 TV Brand Slot In Oz

Hisense, who is one of the biggest TV brands in the world and who recently snared the #3 slot in Australia has used CES to roll out co-branded Sharp TV’s.

The Company who has seen growth in the Australian market across both their TV and appliance businesses said that despite global TV shipments falling 4.5 percent year-on-year, Hisense has successfully increased its global market share of the TV market by 5.8 percent.
The #1 TV brand in China and now the #3 brand in Australia Hisense is confident that with the roll out of Sharp branded TV’s in the USA they can gain the #3 TV slot in the world behind Samsung and LG. 
At a CES press conference the Company said that the rapid growth is a credit to Hisense’s five percent annual investment in R&D, and their agile and adaptable approach to technological innovation.

Recently Hisense has been exploring technology to change the face of TV viewing all together – with panel less TV’s.
Their Wi Fi enabled Hisense Vidaa Max Laser TV which is available in Australia, was launched in 2014, sitting only inches from a wall, Laser Cast is less like a TV and more like an in-home cinema projector. 
It is capable of projecting an image equivalent to a 100-inch HDTV with 40 percent less energy, the Laser Cast throws out 2,500 lumens, even with the lights on, is bright enough to show true colour and rich contrasts. 
Hisense is also moving into the connected home market.
Their Smart Home by Hisense is a multi-faceted system enabling the home management of Hisense products.
Through wireless protocols like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ZigBee, it allows customisation of household devices produced by Hisense, such as refrigerators, air conditioning and lights. 
Smart Home by Hisense also facilitates media sharing between the television, smart phones and tablets and includes security features to protect and monitor the home.

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