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Hisense Reveals 8K TV As OZ Consumers Take To Their 4K UHD Technology.

Hisense, who has been stripping market share from the likes of LG and Samsung in Australia is set to enter the OLED TV, they are also developing new Quantum Dot Technology, the downside is that this technology is not set to be launched till next year or early 2019.

At this year’s CES show the company is showing new 8K Ultra HD Premium ULED TV’s despite there being a limited market for the technology.

The Company claims their new 98 inch @[email protected] 8K ULED technology will contain Emmy award winning sound quality and a picture that Hisense management claim rival’s OLED.

Currently the Chinese Company is pushing their Laser Cast TV.hisense-tv-demo-50

This technology has been widely accepted by Australian consumers resulting in the local subsidiary getting to $1 in the Australian TV market.

Their short-throw projector which is HDR compatible and features a UHD upscale, delivers a 4K UHD picture measuring 100 inches diagonally.

Awarded 20 patents, Hisense’s ULED technology is up to three times brighter than OLED the company claims.Hisense_100_inch_Laser_TV.0

At their CES press conference they said that their new Hisense display technology delivers ‘better dynamic range’ and perception of black and white.

The technology enhances colour, contrast, black level, brightness and smooth motion with a combination of advanced hardware and software.

The Company said that they will release a new generation of ULED technology in 2017.

Recently the Chinese Company redesigned their Hisense Smart TV platform to include a full web browser for Hisense brand 4K televisions.

For Australia, the Hisense Smart TV platform will continue to include apps such as Netflix and YouTube – which can be accessed with the touch of a button on a newly designed remote.

In addition, Hisense Smart TV users can access Stan and other content from apps through the Opera TV Store that encompass movies and TV shows, music, gaming, lifestyle, fashion, news and international content.

Hisense Australia are not saying whether they will launch a Roku TV like the USA.

Currently the US operation is introducing a new line-up of 4K Hisense Roku TVs that run the Roku operating system. Hitachi is set to launch a similar series in Australia.

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