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Hisense Goes To Supreme Court, Woman Named In Alleged $3.37M Fraud

The woman at the centre of the Hisense Australia $3.37M fraud case has been named in documents lodged with the Victorian Supreme Court as Afroditi Myron, the former Hisense Customer Service Manager who worked for the Chinese Company for nine years.

Myron, who still lists herself as working at the Melbourne-based Company despite being sacked in February 2021, has been accused by Hisense Australia of setting up 30 accounts, and that money obtained from Hisense Australia was channeled into these accounts.

Since ChannelNews started investigating this case, Myron has removed her LinkedIn profile. At one stage of her career she worked as the Asset Protection Manager at Coles.

Afroditi Myron, the former Hisense Customer Service Manager who has been accused of defrauding the Chinese Company.

An internal document presented at a Hisense global conference to discuss corruption earlier this year at the Chinese Company’s subsidiaries, including Australia, claimed  Aphrodite (wrong spelling of name), “Counterfeited consumer complaints, fabricated and tampered with CRM system records, invented fictitious compensation amounts and took advantage of her position to collect consumer compensation from the Company over a six-year period.”

The document went on to claim, “The number of payments involved exceeded 1,200 and the amount of the fraud was as high as $3.37M.”

Instead of lodging a criminal investigation as claimed to ChannelNews, Hisense Australia management has lodged a commercial claim against Myron in the Victorian Supreme Court.

ChannelNews has spoken to the Victorian Police, who claim they have no knowledge of a fraud complaint being lodged against any individual working or having worked at Hisense.

Insiders claim the lack of a criminal case or criminal charges against Myron could result in her leaving Australia, as Border Force would have no reason to detain her.

Recently, a directions hearing was heard before Associate Justice Ierodiaaconou in the Victorian Supreme Court between Hisense and Afroditi Myron.

At this stage it’s not known what was sought by Hisense Australia lawyers.

Back in February 2021, Ray Sun the Company’s HR and Administration Manager wrote to all staff claiming, “Aphrodite Myron, the Customer Service Manager, has been dismissed because of serious misconduct.”

She also got the spelling of the former customer service manager’s name wrong.

She went on to claim Hisense management “have zero-tolerance for any fraud and ignorance of the company’s policies”.

It’s been claimed by staff still working at Hisense that Myron had a “gambling problem” and took advantage of lax and non-existent systems at the Chinese Company to exploit the Melbourne-based business.

Insiders claim she gained control of approvals for expenditure and that several staff reported concerns to senior Chinese management who they claim “did not investigate the claims of staff”.

She has been accused of being a “ringleader” who got staff under her management to seek expenditure for questionable services which “she then approved”.

ChannelNews has on three occasions given Myron the opportunity to explain her actions after she initially said, “The amount involved in the fraud was not as high as $3.37M.”

On one occasion she said, “If it had been as high as $3.37M I would not be in Australia.”

One insider claims, “She gained her full control of the finance department, only needing signature from the CFO and MD Finn Zhang.” ChannelNews is also investigating a “botched” attempt by Hisense to move their customer service and call centre operation to the Philippines.

The manager responsible for this was Afroditi Myron, with questions now being raised about the relationship between Hisense Australia management and a US national operating out of the Philippines. The project was shut down after a few months, but not before Australian staff had been flown to the Philippines to train staff.


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