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Hisense Goes Laser As CES Press Event Kicks Off With Chinese Speech

The Hisense CES press conference was bizarre to say the least, it kicked off with an eight-minute speech in Chinese with the emphasis more on laser TV technology and the Chinese Companies sponsorship of the World Cup.

And to make matters worse the teleprompt stopped early into the speech by Hisense President Lui Hong Xin leaving many English-speaking journalists shaking their head in disbelief.

8 minute speech in Chines. The telepromt stuck on one line of the speech. Hisense then announced a 150″ Laser projector similar to the more stylish LG offering.

There was no mention of the fact that a “printed” version of his speech was available for attendees.

Then came another 15 minutes of World Cup highlights with two US sports presenters (Soccer) rambling on about how they “loved” Hisense.

Despite being a “major” sponsor of the World Cup Hisense was only able to roll out three retired soccer players of which two were former USA team players who openly admitted that the USA attempts in the past had been a dismal failure.

The Company then rolled out a US marketing guy who was supposed to tell the audience how Hisense came to sponsor the world cup. What we got was a promo video for a new World Cup movie.

Missing was how much Hisense paid to secure their World Cup Deal.

What Hisense did confirm was that they are planning on investing in Laser as they currently hold 400 patents. A 150” laser TV was shown, but what was not explained is how retailers will demonstrate the new Hisense Laser offering.

As for TV’s there is little in new technology other than the introduction of Netflix via Amazon’s Alexa which is currently not available in Australia.
The Company is also banking on proprietary Hisense software to deliver their smart TV platform along with an Android TV offering.

Hisense 2018 TV line-up includes a full-array local dimming, quantum dot colour technology and compatibility with Alexa voice control. They even have an exclusive World Cup 2018 app, a partnership with Fox in the USA, that will offer live streams of the games from different viewing angles.

CNet summed up Hisense claiming “The TV market is tough to crack, and players like Samsung and LG are more established, while Chinese rival TCL is growing like crazy. For Hisense to make an impression it will have to do something really special (and/or really cheap).”

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