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Hisense Launch New Custom Oz AirCon Range

Hisense has developed a range of brand new air-conditioning units designed specifically for the Australian climate.

Introduced at IFA 2019, the new range of air-conditioners will include six different versions of the two models – reverse cycle or cooling only.

“Reliable cooling solutions are incredibly important to consumers – especially in Australia with its typically long and hot summers,” said Andre Iannuzzi, head of marketing at Hisense Australia.

The HSA25R heat pump model designed for the colder southern regions features a dual climate functionality for more season climates.

With HSA25C cooling only version for the northern states.

Both models can withstand ambient temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius, “without compromising performance” said Mr Iannuzzi.

The new air-conditioners combine 3D inverter technology with an optimised inner air duct and tunnel to boost energy efficiency.

The inbuilt Silver Ion Filter eliminates Air impurities and bacteria, which also helps to reduce mould build-up.

All models will feature IFEEL technology to moderate room temperature using sensors in the remote rather than from the position of the aircon unit.

A trio of operational modes – Quiet, Eco and Smart – will also allow for greater indoor climate control and reduce energy costs.

The Hisense range of air-conditioners will ve made available from the Good Guys in November 2019 at expected retail price from $799.

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