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A new generation of high res Bluesound speakers has been announced.

The Bluesound Generation 2i (Gen 2i) come with with dual-band Wi-Fi 5, Apple AirPlay 2 support, upgraded Bluetooth codecs, improved amplification and acoustics and new pricing.

In total there are seven new products as part of its Generation 2i multi-room family, alongside a 3.0 version of its BluOS control app.

All three of its speakers – the Pulse 2i, Pulse Mini 2i and Pulse Flex 2i – have undergone varying upgrades, as have the Node 2i streamer, Powernode 2i streamer/amp, Vault 2i network streamer and CD ripper, and the Pulse Soundbar 2i.

Updated features across the board include Alexa Voice Control, Apple AirPlay 2 compatibility and dual band Wi-Fi, while all but the Pulse Flex 2i – Bluesound’s smallest and cheapest wireless speaker – now benefit from two-way Bluetooth to facilitate their use with wireless headphones.

While Bluesound has taken its opportunity to optimise each of its products for sound quality as well as adding new features, it is the Pulse 2i

Among the new range is the NODE 2i (RRP A$999) POWERNODE 2i (RRP A$1,549), VAULT 2i (RRP A$1,999), PULSE 2i (RRP A$1,599), PULSE MINI 2i (RRP A$999), PULSE FLEX 2i (RRP A$699), and PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i (RRP A$1,699 in Black, A$1,799 in White).

There are no changes being made to the PULSE SUB (RRP A$999). All the Gen 2i models will be offered in a choice of Black or White finishes. All models will be available from November 2018, except for the PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i, which will follow in December 2018.

The two 7cm drivers from the Pulse 2 are out in favour of 25mm tweeters, and the 13cm woofer has been revamped and twinned for a true stereo configuration that more than doubles its predecessors bass output while spreading the richness of its tone high into the upper register.

The Canadian company has also upgraded its components throughout, including the Pulse 2i’s processors, in its attempt to design the ultimate hi-fi-ready multi-room speaker.