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Charging Problems For Expensive New iPhone XS & XS Max

They cost thousands, now it’s been revealed that owners are having problems simply charging their all new iPhone XS and XS Max smartphones.

Owners have gone to social media to complain that their new mobile fails to charge consistently when plugged in and that their device refuses to charge if it has been idle for a while.

Some charge only if the display is “woken up”.

Video blogger Lewis Hilsenteger dubbed the issue “chargegate” in a video demonstrating the problem.

At this stage Apple is refusing to comment or accept liability for the problem.

In a video demonstration Hilsenteger who presents the Unbox Therapy channel on YouTube, which has more than 12 million subscribers tested nine iPhones by plugging them into an official Apple power supply.

While the 2017 iPhone X charged without problem, many of the new XS and XS Max phones refused to charge when plugged in.

Most of the phones would charge only when the display was activated to wake up the device. However, one of them would not charge at all.

Mr Hilsenteger told the BBC that he had been alerted to the problem when a viewer had emailed him describing their troubles.

He had not noticed the issue himself because he used wireless charging rather than the power cable on his device.


“Responding to those people on a platform like this should bring light to it and hopefully some sort of software fix, if possible,” he said in the video.

“This is my job. I have to call this stuff out. I have to hold these companies accountable.”

Several complaints about the XS and XS Max failing to charge have also been posted on Apple’s discussion forum on its website.

Since iOS 11.4.1 was released, the lightning port on iPhones can be disabled when the phone has been idle for a while.

That could stop thieves, cyber-attackers or law enforcement officers accessing it.

“In some cases, it might not charge,” the company advises on its website.


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