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Xbox Cloud Gaming Comes To PC, But Still Not To Oz

Microsoft has brought Xbox Cloud Gaming to Windows PCs, with a beta available through the Xbox app – but there’s still no sign of it for Australians.

Available to Insiders in 22 countries who are Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members, the Xbox Cloud Gaming beta for PC brings more than 100 Xbox titles to PC and allows users of the Xbox app (below) to pick up where they left off from saved games on console.

According to Jason Beaumont, Partner Director, Xbox Experiences, the move is part of Xbox’ss mission to “make gaming available to all players around the world, wherever you are, on the devices you want”.

“With Xbox Cloud Gaming, you can turn all types of PCs into a gaming device, from brand-new budget computers to older machines with low specs.

“All you need to do is connect a compatible controller via Bluetooth or USB, launch the Xbox app, click the ‘cloud games’ button, select your game and start playing,” he said.

Cloud Gaming is still not available in Australia, as it is not one of the 22 countries listed; there is no word as yet on when we will see it here despite Head of Xbox Phil Spencer last September indicating in a tweet that it would come early this year.

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