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Has The New $1,849 Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Got A Problem As Complaints Mount

The all new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G edition which is due to go on sale today in Australia, is already attracting complaints in market where it is already available.

According to a report in the Korean Herald a series of defects have been detected in the top end device which is selling in Australia for $1,849.

At this stage more than 100 complaints have been posted on the Samsung Smartphone Community, one of the largest online communities for Galaxy device users, suggesting that customers who pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra have detected issues such as condensation forming on the camera lenses especially when it is hot which is the case in Asian Countries where the humidity is high and the daytime temperature over 30 degrees.

According to complaints on the site multiple users say the lenses of the largest-ever camera module on the rear of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra turned foggy after they used their phones in scorching weather.

Samsung has officially announced that this is a normal phenomenon that occurs in waterproof phones, but will collect some of the problematic devices and carry out an investigation.

Other owners have complained of dust particles inside camera modules while other have complained that ring surrounding one of the lenses is not fitted properly resulting in a gap.

At this stage Samsung is not allowing users who have complained about foggy cameras to exchange their devices, instead they are being referred to a Samsung repair centre.

There are however, offering exchanges for some of the devices with structural problems, according to comments on the online communities.

Addressing the alleged dust and structural faults with the camera, a Samsung official told The Korea Herald, “If engineers at repair centres judge that the problems would affect the original functions of the camera, exchanges are allowed.”

However, the exchange policy doesn’t necessarily mean that the devices have serious defects, the official said.

“The dust and structure issues are under control at production lines as it has been with other products,” the Samsung official said. “Considering the massive volume of the new phones released into the market, it is difficult to deal with every single complaint as we cannot immediately figure out how they were using the phones.”

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