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Has The Google Pixel 8 Pro Already Got A Major Problem?

The Google Pixel smartphones have been plagued with issues, in the past, and their latest Pixel 8 Pro appears to be living up to the reputation of the brand with real concerns emerging, over an issue with the display on the Pro version of the new device.

According to social media reports, some owners of the Pixel 8 Pro are seeing a yellow or pink tint on parts of the screen — usually near the top or sides — which apparently only shows up only when the device’s Always On Display is activated claims Digital Trends.

Text that should show as white is appearing as yellow before turning a reddish pink after several seconds.

Observers claim it could be linked to the Pixel 8 Pro’s variable refresh rate of between 1Hz and 120Hz as the off-white text only seems to appear when the display is running at 1Hz.

At this stage it’s not known whether it’s a hardware or software problem, and Google has yet to publicly acknowledge it.

ChannelNews understands that retailers and Google are offering Pixel 8 Pro owners a replacement Pixel 8 Pro.


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