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Harvey Norman: Hisense Tipped To Badge Chinese TVs As Toshiba After Sharp Fight

As the TV market heats up Chinese manufacture Hisense is believed to be in discussions with Harvey Norman to re roll out Toshiba TV’s in Australia that are more Chinese than Japanese.

The TV’s they are are proposing to sell at Harvey Norman are not real Toshiba TV but a name stuck on a questionable Hisense TV, after the Chinese TV manufacture forked out over $100M to get access to the former Japanese brand name after a falling out with Sharp a leading Japanese TV manufacture.

Previously distributed by Powermove Hisense took over the Toshiba brand after Hisense bought access to the name because US consumers saw the Hisense brand as a bottom end brand and that their TV’s were seen as ‘poor quality”.

Hisense initially thought they could manage this stigma by getting the rights to the Sharp brand name, but this went pear shaped when Sharp took the Chinese Company to Court accusing them of putting the Sharp brand name on “poor quality TV’s”.

Sharp said the TVs bearing its name broke US rules on electromagnetic emissions and that Hisense had made false claims about picture quality.

As well as accusing the Hisense-made TV sets of breaking emission guidelines, Sharp said the devices also breached US Federal Trade Commission rules on pictures sizes and did not meet wider industry standards covering device safety.

Sharp’s lawyers claimed its brand was at risk of being “destroyed” by the “shoddily manufactured” TV sets by the time the five-year deal ended.
Sharp signed the deal with Hisense in 2015, in an effort to raise cash when it was facing financial problems.

Now Hisense wants to stick the Toshiba brand name on a TV in Australia primarily to create the impression that they actually selling a Japanese TV when in reality it’s 100% Chinese made.

Harvey Norman have not said whether they will go ahead with the deal or who’s TV they will drop if any to take on the Toshiba TV.

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