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Harmon Kardon Releases Eccentric Looking Bluetooth Speaker

Harmon Kardon have revisited its Jonny Ive-designed SoundSticks to create and deliver the brand new Aura Studio 4 Bluetooth speaker, which uses the same transparent design and attention to detail, adding a 21st century modernisation to it.

It uses as many recycled materials as possible, with six speaker drivers utilising 132mm down-firing bass drivers, which create an open and accurate sound, along with 324 individual crystals at the bottom of a see through cabinet, offering a visual counterpoint to the sound.

Along with this, comes the Go + Play 3 bluetooth speaker, which is a semi-circular silhouette, equipped with a three way speaker driver arrangement including an exposed, down-facing bass driver, automatic room calibration, a claimed 8 hours battery life, and can use two to create a stereo pair.

It comes with a combination of tempered glass, aluminium and fabric, and has the ability to feel as good as it looks.

Last but not least is the Luna portable Bluetooth speaker, a hand-sized, fabric and aluminium speaker with an IP67 rating, a claimed 12 hours battery life, and a two way driver set up, and can also be formed as a stereo pair.

All products will be available from mid-September, with Australian pricing still to come.

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