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Hackers Demand New Petya Ransom

A hacking group linked to last week’s Petya ransomware attack is demanding US$250,000 for a private encryption key used in the attack. Petya locked up millions of computers around the world including multibillion-dollar companies such as FedEx, Merck and Cadbury.

In a ransom note published on the dark Web, the group demanded a payment of 100 bitcoin (A$3464) in exchange for a key that it says could decrypt any file locked by the malware.

The Ukrainian software company used to launch Petya has now admitted its M.E.Doc software was to blame.

Intellect Service said cyber security researchers had found a backdoor written into some of the updates issued by its M.E.Doc accounting software.

Authorities say any computer on the same network as machines using M.E.Doc was now vulnerable to another attack.

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