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Teac’s Capable Micro System Has A Humble Price


Lately Micro Systems have been donning prices that are anything but ‘micro.’ The truth is as technology continues to integrate more and more into less space, the price goes up.

That’s why reading about the latest Teac Micro System was a refreshing exercise.

Essentially the company is offering a micro system that features an array of input options with 10 watts worth of sound being pumped out. It’ll play back songs from an iPhone/iPod via a compatible dock, CDs, USB and an Auxiliary input (the latter two are compatible with a slew of devices, such as Android smartphones).

Additionally it features a FM radio.  
Design-wise it’s elegantly simple, choosing not to adhere to the razzmatazz other speakers get distracted by.

But the best thing about Teac’s Micro system is its fit-for-purpose attitude sets its pricing at a humble $129.95, well below the price point of its rivals.