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Samsung Unleash Hi Power SSD

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Samsung just released its new internal solid state drive SSD 830 that incorporates a “high-performance” Serial ATA Revision 3.0 interface, delivering SATA transfer speeds of 6GB/s, and comes with Samsung Magician software.

The SSD will improve functionality and performance of your PC or laptop rather than having to replace the device.

The Samsung SSD 830 comes in four memory types: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and also comes in a Desktop/or Laptop Kit version.

The desktop bundle has a bracket for installing the 2.5″ drive in a 3.5″ bay with all the required cables, while the notebook upgrade kits come with a USB to SATA adapter cable and both kits include Norton Ghost software.

The Samsung SSD is sturdy and comes in a brushed metal enclosure.

Samsung says it has an added advantage over other SSD manufacturers as it engineers all of its components in-house, allowing it to fine-tune its hardware and software for better reliability.

“Samsung SSDs are a smart IT solution with exceptional performance and reliability that offer one of the best computing experiences,” said Tony Iganatvicious, Director – IT, Samsung Australia.

“The new Samsung SSD 830 Series range is a practical solution for those looking to transform an older system or help enhance even the most advanced setup.”

Price wise, Samsung SSD 830 will cost: 64GB $129, 128GB $249, 256GB $399, 512GB $899.

Samsung SSD 830 Desktop/or Laptop Kit is priced at: 64GB $159, 128GB $279, 256GB $429, 512GB $929