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Gym Gear And Hot Tubs Among Most Regretted Purchases

Buyer remorse hits us all at times, but as the world steps out of lockdown it seems to be taking a serious toll, with people taking stock of online buys through the past months and realising maybe they didn’t actually need to make that purchase that seemed so urgent at the time…

A study has shown that in the UK alone, more than $12 million worth of purchases, from gaming equipment to tools to Pelotons, are no longer being used.

The report by insurance company Aviva shows that 10 per cent of the country regret at least one purchase through 2020, and spent more than $2500 each.

Of 4000 UK shoppers, 45 per cent regret buying gaming equipment, 43 per cent have tools sitting idle, and 39 per cent aren’t using the exercise equipment they promised themselves they would turn their life around with.

There are also 37 per cent bemoaning their idea to ramp up their MasterChef skills with a pizza oven, as well as another 37 per cent who won’t be conquering the charts with the musical instrument they bought expecting to master while stuck at home.

There are also 36 per cent that see the hot tub that was meant to be a way to relax as unnecessary now that they can actually leave the house.

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