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Google’s Updated VR Headset Gives A View Into Augmented-Reality

Google has unveiled the updated model of the DayDream VR headset overnight, which will utilise both virtual-reality and augmented-reality features of the new Pixel 2 model smartphones.

The DayDream View, which launches October 19, for A$149 aims to give consumers greater comfort, new colours, which include light orange and blue, and an improved lens that better utilises the VR and AR functions.

An updated model of last year’s DayDream headset, users can slip any supported smartphone device into the headset for VR gaming, watching YouTube videos and virtual and augement┬átour guides of homes.

The newly unveiled Pixel 2 smartphone will benefit from AR apps, with its camera designed to utilise the technology fully.

Augmented-reality is the technology that superimposes digital information like maps, photos and animated characters into a user’s real-world view. AR has proved popular with video game apps such as Pokemon Go.

This is a move by the tech giant to directly compete with Apple, as their upcoming iPhone X smartphone is set to come packed with augment-reality features.

Google has tested the VR waters for several years now, with its Google Cardboard model, which launched in 2014.

Google DayDream View will launch on October 19, and available at the Google Store, Telstra, JB Hi-Fi.

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