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Google Wants Your Private Health Information Secret Project Revealed

They already know your shopping habits, now Google wants to tap into your private health information after a not so secret project was recently revealed.

“Project Nightingale” was up until last week a top-secret project designed by Google to collect personal health-related information of millions.

It was also linked to the $3 Billion acquisition of Fitbit.

What has been revealed by the Wall Street Journal is that in the USA, the Company had teamed up with a health care Company to collect personal health data across 21 US States. This is similar to the Company teaming up with the likes of Medicare or Bupa to collect information on their customers.

Google’s parent Company Alphabet launched “Project Nightingale” last year according to leaked internal documents.

Electronic medical record with patient data and health care information in tablet. Doctor using digital smart device to read report online. Modern technology in hospital.

The Company is already collecting data on every Australian who owns an Android smartphone, uses a Google voice activation device or a Google smartphone or speaker, now they want to get the information that is protected by laws in Australia.

The initiative appears to be the largest in a series of efforts to gain access to personal health data and establish a toehold in the massive health-care industry.

The data involved in Project Nightingale includes lab results, doctor diagnoses and hospitalization records, among other categories, and amounts to a complete health history, complete with patient names and dates of birth, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Last week’s announcement that it would buy Fitbit for $3 billion is seen as just one more way for the big search Company who pays a minimum amount of tax in Australia to scoop up more information on Australians.

The plan was exposed after Ascension employees raised questions about the way the data is being collected and shared, both from a technological and ethical perspective.

The frightening issue for many in the USA is that it appears to be permissible under federal US law.

Google is believed to be using the data to design new software, underpinned by advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, that zeroes in on individual patients some say in partnership with drug Companies who want to sell more medicine and drugs.

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