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Google Apologises For Remote Handset Interference

Google has been forced to apologise for inadvertently getting the battery settings wrong on its handsets and ruining the day for a large number of users last week.

Users of Google’s Pixel smartphones running Android Pie 9.0 took to web site Reddit to complain that their battery-saving settings had been turned on without their consent, even when they had definitely turned them off.

The battery-saving feature slowed the phones down, affecting performance so much that they were unable to search or receive  email notifications or make updates to apps.

Commenting on the surprisingly large number of users who took to Reddit, Google said in a statement, “This was an internal experiment to test battery saving features that was mistakenly rolled out to more users than intended. Sorry for the confusion.”

It then rolled back the battery-saving settings to their original state on all affected phones, placating most of the posters, though some were still upset that the handset owners were not notified before the test and that Google could exert such a level of control over phones running on Android settings. 



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