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Google Responds To Damning ACCC Report

Google has responded to the ACCC’s report that its monopolistic control of the digital advertising industry is harmful to both businesses and consumers.

The report, released today, found that Google’s dominance in the sector is “underpinned by multiple factors including its access to consumer and other data, access to exclusive inventory and integration across its adtech services.”

The ACCC called for a new legal framework to control Google’s powers.

A Google spokesperson contacted Channel News this afternoon, with the following statement:

“Google’s digital advertising technology services are delivering benefits for businesses and consumers – helping publishers fund their content, enabling small businesses to reach customers and grow, and protecting people online from bad ad practices.

“Analysis by PwC Australia for Google Australia found that three quarters of Google’s ad tech customers are Australian small and medium businesses – and three in four businesses surveyed observed important benefits from using Google’s services including cost savings, time savings and business growth, compared to other services.

“PwC also estimated that the existence and use of Google’s advertising technology directly supports more than 15,000 full-time equivalent jobs and contributes $2.45 billion to the Australian economy annually.

“As one of the many advertising technology providers in Australia, we will continue to work collaboratively with industry and regulators to support a healthy ads ecosystem.”

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg today stated he will look into the ACCC’s recommendations.

“Digital platforms have fundamentally changed the way that media content is produced, distributed and consumed,” Frydenberg said today

“It is therefore important that our regulatory frameworks keep pace with the changes being driven by digital platforms.

“The ACCC’s broader Digital Platform Services Inquiry will provide an opportunity to consult on its findings into digital advertising services and to further consider the need for any additional requirements in this area.”

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