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Google Rumoured to Go In-House for Chipset Design without Samsung

For now, Google seems to be constantly modifying its Tensor line of chipsets. 

Primarily modification is for the Pixel suite of devices, but the designs do not vary much from a Samsung Exynos foundation.

It has also been reported that Google is employing Samsung foundries to produce chips.

Within the industry, sources have suggested that Google is looking to streamline this arrangement to ensure the company has further management around its custom chip designs.

Bound to be implemented into the Pixel 8 phones, the Tensor G3 was created beside Samsung but even if Google wanted to, it could be too late to make any adaptations.

Apparently, Google had set its sights to switch to a solely in-house design for the Tensor G4 chips to be used for the Pixel 10 family which has now fallen through.

Identified as “Redondo,” the G4 custom chip design is now in limbo because of obstacles involving the high employee turnover rate in Google’s American and Indian teams.

For now, Google might have to follow the course of keeping the Tensor G4 generation and Pixel 10 line but one potential shift could come when the Tensor G5 chipset, codenamed “Laguna,” might be realised and first developed completely in-house by Google sources claim.

If the rumours prove to be correct, the G5 could have a 2025 potential release and Google could partner with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to create the “Laguna” chip on a 3nm development.

3nm process is said to “reduce power consumption by up to 45%, improve performance by 23% and reduce area by 16%”.

None of these reports have been substantiated yet and nonetheless, if Google does begin to go in-house for all chip design, it could theoretically bring about new opportunities for Google to capture and could fast-track an array of fresh, cutting-edge smartphone innovations.

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