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Google Reaches Impressive One Billion Milestone

Google Docs has hit a whopping one billion downloads on the Play Store, six years after its release on Android.

The cloud-based word processer, which is free with every Google account, is not automatically installed as part of the GMS package.

It does, however, come pre-installed on many Android and Chrome OS devices sold globally.

Google is in the midst of an antitrust lawsuit launched by the US government, which argues the tech giant has abused its monopoly power over the market by paying for phone manufacturers to promote or feature its apps – specifically the search engine – on smartphones.

Google Docs has been racing along after the application hit 500 million downloads in October 2018, four years after its 2014 launch.

It was able to double its growth in only two years and much of this has been attributed to remove work and distance education due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This figure does not take into account users on Apple phones or other platforms.

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