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Google Prepares To Enter Headphone Market

Google has all but confirmed plans to release its own pair of headphones with support for Google Assistant.

Leaks previously revealed that Google has been working on a pair of Bluetooth headphones with the codename ‘Bisto’.

However, the company had not publicly acknowledged the product until a new ‘Headphones’ category was recently added to Google’s support page.

9to5Google reported that ‘Headphones’ was listed on the page for about four days before being removed.

According to previous analysis of Google code, the Bisto headphones will let users hear and reply to notifications, and use Google Assistant for asking questions and other functionalities.

Rather than using the phrase “OK Google”, the headphones appear to require a button to be pressed before interacting with Google Assistant.

Google may reveal the Bisto headphones alongside new versions of its flagship Pixel smartphones. Rumours suggest a launch event could be scheduled for early next month.

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