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Is Google Building Voice Assisted Smart Headphones?

Code discovered in one of Google’s Android apps may reveal future plans to launch voice assisted smart headphones, which will provide direct access to Google Assistant, and allow users to supplement physical controls.

Referred to as ‘Bisto’ it would let individuals use their voice to hear and reply to notifications without having to physically type a reply.

Users could also ask Google Assistant questions as they currently do with their phone or Google Home speaker.

Other snippets mention a left earcup with a Google Assistant button, indicating the headphones could be over-ears (perhaps wireless) than earbuds.

However, it does appear there is no ‘always-on’ microphone, meaning users cannot engage with the assistant with a customary wake-up phrase as “Okay Google”.

It seems the input is triggered by physically pressing the left earcup button. Some sources state this is for privacy reasons or to conserve battery power.

Overall, the smart headphones exceed the capabilities of Apple’s Airpods.

Consensus is Google may unveil ‘Bisto’ later this year, perhaps at the same time asĀ its newest flagship smartphones.

Google has not responded to a request for comment.

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