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Google Play Pass Launch With 350+ Premium Apps & Games

A new subscription-based service for premium Android mobile apps and games, called Google Play Pass, has launched with over 350 titles – all completely unlocked, ad free, and with no upfront fees and in-app purchases.

The launch comes less than a week after Apple Arcade went live alongside the launch of iOS 13, and will be available to US Android users this week (on a 10-day free trial), while other countries will gain access “soon”.

Initial price point is at just $1.99 per month for the first year (only available until October 10, 2019), with the price increasing to $4.99 per month after the period has passed.

Account holders can share their Play Pass with up to five others, each having their own individual access, meaning their plays and downloads won’t affect others using the same subscription.

All apps and games included in the launch are already available on the Play Store and will continue to be available as standalone purchases.

Google Play Pass titles will appear directly in the Play Store and will be designated with a Play pass ticket badge for easy identification.

Once signed up, subscribers with previously installed apps that are part of the service will have them automatically updated to the premium, ad-free version.

According to Google, more titles will be added on a monthly basis.

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