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Pixel Watch Leaks After Device Left In Restaurant

The first images of the long-awaited Google Pixel Watch have finally emerged, due to an insider accidentally leaving the top secret device at a restaurant.

The above image shows the Pixel Watch in the centre, side by side with a 40mm Apple Watch and 46mm Galaxy Watch.

No charger was left with the device, and the battery was dead. A grey ‘G’ boot logo was taken by the bartender who found the watch, on the day he found it. The watch did not load past the startup screen, suggesting an OS isn’t loaded.

Not surprisingly, the bar, the source, and the bartender, all wish to remain anonymous.

“My buddy is the one that found the watch,” the leaker said on Reddit. “He is a bartender at the restaurant it was left at. They held it for a few weeks expecting the people that left it to return, but that never happened. He gave it to me because I’m the tech nerd so he let me deal with it.”

In case this appears to be a viral marketing stunt, the leaker added:

“No, I don’t work for Google or any subsidiaries, and nobody is paying me to do this.”

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