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Google Leaks Pixel 4a On Own Website

[Image: Google Canada]

Google has accidentally followed in the steps of Samsung, with reports it inadvertently revealed the PIxel 4a on its Canadian website.

The slip-up was spotted by multiple news outlets, with the image header for a Nest Wi-Fi unit on the website revealing a render of the Pixel 4a.

In early July, Samsung was found to reveal its forthcoming Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in Copper on its Russian website in a similar manner.

The leaked Pixel 4a image appears to confirm prior rumours for the mid-range device, with a single selfie camera cut-out and rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.

Google is yet to confirm the official launch date of the Pixel 4a, however, the leaked web listing accelerates speculation that release may be around the corner.

The website render date reportedly lists a release date of May 12, which aligns with many commentators expectations for when the device was initially tipped to launch.

[Google Canada]

[Google Canada]

The mid-range smartphone is said to have been notably delayed due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

The smartphone’s rear camera appears to be a single lens system also aligns with expectations.

The news comes as anticipation for the forthcoming flagship Google Pixel 5 smartphone mounts, despite the absence of the mid-range Pixel 4a.

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