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Google Launches Chromebook Self-Repair Program

Google is really leaning into the right to repair rules, today launching its Chromebook Self-Repair Program, where it will help schools set up their own repair shop.

“Many Chromebooks have been repairable for years, with some repairs already covered under system warranties and managed by authorised service providers,” explains John Solomon VP, Chrome OS.

“But it’s been challenging for school IT administrators to find information about which devices they can repair. As part of the Chromebook repair program, we’re partnering with companies like Acer and Lenovo to spotlight more Chromebooks that are repairable.”

Google’s new site will show which Chromebooks have commonly repaired components, like the keyboard, display and palm-rest, and provide online manufacturer guides that “will also show how to repair the devices, find tools to safely fix them, get replacement parts, find training and get system update access if needed.”

“In-school programs like these are not only eco-friendly, they can significantly reduce turnaround time, save on costs and help students learn valuable skills,” Solomon adds.

“Acer designs its Chromebooks for the education market with both durability and ease-of-repair in mind,” says James Vick, Vice President, Customer Service, Acer Pan America.

“On campus repair programs enable students to help their own school by conducting safe and rapid repairs of Chromebooks, while also teaching them a valuable transferable skill that can help them pursue a career in the IT field. Acer supports valuable programs that give students an opportunity for hands-on learning beyond traditional curriculum.”

Google promises this is just “step one” in a process of making its machines more sustainable.

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