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Google Is Opening Its First Physical Retail Store

Google has announced plans to open its first ever physical retail store.

The first Google Store will be situated in the Chelsea neighbourhood of New York City, and will be “a space where customers can experience our hardware and services in a helpful way”, according to the company. The store will open in the next few months.

Much like the Apple Store, the store is intended as a one-stop shop, where customers can browse and buy a range of Google products, “ranging from Pixel phones to Nest products, Fitbit devices to Pixelbooks and more.”

Also like the Apple Store, there will be experts on hand to troubleshoot issues, fix cracked screens and other hardware issues, and help with installations. Google will also host ‘how-to’ workshops from the store.

The obvious question is, why now? In these COVID times, opening a physical store seems counter-intuitive.

Google explains: “Masks, hand sanitation and social distancing will be required in the Google Store, and we’ll clean all spaces multiple times a day. The number of guests inside will be limited to ensure our customers feel safe during their shopping experience, and easy pickup options will also be available. We will continue to closely follow the guidance of the local and national authorities to adapt our health and safety procedures as needed.”

There you go.

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