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NBN Co Sacked 50 Employees Over Zoom This Week

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NBN Co has taken advantage of its ultra-fast NBN connection speeds, by holding a series of five-minute Zoom calls in which they sacked 50 employees.

The Australian Financial Review reported the sacked staff were told to work from home on Tuesday, and scheduled to take five minute Zoom meetings with senior execs. They were then fired.

NBN are not commenting on the sackings, citing the old “company policy” chestnut.

Company spokesperson Greg Spears did however say: “As NBN transitions away from the initial build of the network, the company is continuing to evolve the structure and size of its internal workforce.

“Employees at NBN who are personally impacted by organisational change are requested to work from home during the notification of the proposed restructure and start of the consultation process, with conversations held via videoconference.

“This is an approach that NBN takes as a nationally located company to ensure a consistent and confidential experience for all employees, regardless of where they or their line management are based.”

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