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Google Force Android 10 On 2020 Devices

Google will reportedly require all new devices to have Android 10 by January 2020 in order to adhere to “digital wellbeing” specifications.

Documents first published by XDA reveal the latest version of the Google Mobile Services (GMS) will now require all devices that either launch on or upgrade to Android Pie or Android 10 after 3 September 2019 to have a digital wellbeing solution app and parental controls.

The push for “digital wellbeing” by Google is designed to encourage consumers to operate their phones in a healthier manner.

All Android devices will now be required to either use Google’s wellbeing app or have an OEM create their own in its place.

Feature parity with Google’s application is required for any new app to be approved, as well as offer a usage dashboard to display statistics such as screen time usage or the number of device unlocks recorded.

Another requirement for new Android devices is compatibility with USB-C PD (power delivery), an open standard for USB-C that allows for fast charging speeds.

31 January 2020 will be the final date that Google will make approvals for smartphones running Android 9 Pie, with only Android 10 devices approved after that.

New branding will also be implemented across the board with a revised “Android” font and mascot head to ‘make it clear to consumers globally that the device is running a compatible version of Android OS’.

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