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Google Discontinuing All Fitbit Accounts

Google has announced it will be discontinuing all Fitbit accounts, and migrating user across to Google accounts – as it continues to bring the fitness watch inhouse.

Google explains that with a Google account, users will get more Fitbit experiences and all their historical data with the benefits of a Google Account.

“Moving to Google Accounts lets us build a great foundation for Fitbit’s future, while providing you with added benefits,” an explainer reads.

“This is an important step to bring even more helpful updates and engaging experiences to you.”

Aside from increased security measures, and integration other all other Google tools, the company doesn’t seem to actual point out any benefit to this – for the user, at least.

Those who aren’t thrilled by this change can hold out until 2025. New Fitbit users will, however, be required to register with a Google account.

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