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Google Unveil Next-Gen Calendar App For Android Auto

Google has ramped up Android Auto in the fight against Apple CarPlay, and deployed a dedicated new Calendar app with integrated appointment navigation.

It comes after Google removed the old calendar app from its redesign last year, replaced by Google Assistant reading appointments out loud.

The new Calendar app allows users to view appointment information, colour coded events, and receive navigation instructions for locations within calendar entries.

Also included are new calendar shortcuts such as the option to call a contact related to a calendar entry, or pull up appointments for location navigation.

Google states it is also working with “early access partners” to further ramp up Android Auto intelligence, inclusive of electric vehicle charging.

The tech giant is reportedly set to make such APIs public, to facilitate software developers to build new apps for its in-car system.

The new features are set to roll-out to Android 6.0+ devices in coming months, and reflects Google’s desire to continually amp up Android Auto in the emerging smart car ecosystem.

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