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Google Assistant’s New Workday Routine Wants To Help You Stay Sane Working From Home

Google is slated to roll out a new workday routine feature for Google Assistant this week which is a response to the coronavirus pandemic’s work from home boom.

Available through Android and iOS, the workday routine will remind users of different tasks and calendar events and will also encourage you to take self-care breaks throughout the day.

As well as ensuring users are up-to-speed on their calendar and schedules, Google Assistant will also gently remind you to take breaks for water, stretching and walks.

It comes pre-configured but users can customise the feature to suit individual working practices, such as the length of your work day. It can even remind you to start wrapping up your projects as the end of the working day approaches.

Routines can be set such as a 10am reminder to stretch and a 2pm reminder to have lunch.

“We wanted to find a way for Google Assistant to help you stay productive and fight the ‘blur’ that can happen when you work from home,” Google product manager Alice Liang wrote in a blogpost.

The workday routine also works seamlessly with Google Assistant devices, such as Nest Home and Sonos One speakers.

If you work from home alone, the workday routine will act like a thoughtful co-worker which speaks to you at brief intervals throughout the day.

The company is also expanding on Google Assistant’s smart light compatibility, now available to all smart lights and not just Philips Hue Bulbs.

Google will roll out the feature in English this week and it is compatible with smart displays, smart phones and speakers.

Google’s is also expected to unveil more smart home products and features at the company’s virtual event on September 30.

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