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Go Pro Boss Sells Out & Moves On

The last year has been an up and down affair for Go Pro shareholders now it’s been revealed that founder Nick Woodman is flogging his weekend ranch, his asking price is around A$28M, he bought the property in 2014 for A$18M.

Today GoPro is worth around A$1 Billion

The 150-acre ranch near Santa Cruz, California has a cave and an abandoned “Lion King-esque” rock quarry in the canyon beneath the property.

Woodman he’s selling the property because his family has relocated to Montana. “It’s taken us a couple of years to get semi-comfortable with the idea of selling Boogie Ranch,” he said.

Located in Bonny Doon, a small Bay Area community known for its wineries, the property is called “Boogie Ranch.”

It includes a contemporary five-bedroom house, two guesthouses and a barn designed to store the owner’s large collection of dirt bikes and outdoor gear. The property also includes a large outdoor swimming pool with a deck.

Woodman, 45, launched GoPro in 2002 after a surf trip to Australia where he found that amateur photographers like him had trouble getting close action shots while surfing.

The Go Pro founder designed a camera that would attach to the body. The now publicly traded company is valued at nearly $800 million. Mr. Woodman bought the Bonny Doon property in 2014 for $13.7 million. He said the family calls the property Boogie Ranch because of “how it inspires you to get out and be active, e.g., ‘get your boogie on.’”

Mr. Woodman and his family made some significant improvements to the property, adding hiking and biking trails and upgrading the pool and bocce court, according to listing agent Michael Dreyfus of Sotheby’s International Realty.

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