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2017 Smartphone Sales Dip

A chart released by Statista shows the global unit shipments for smartphones dipped for 2017 by 0.1 per cent, a trend that has not happened before.

IDC says a worldwide total of 1,472 million smartphones were shipped in 2017, a small dip from the 1,473 million units shipped in the previous year.

Since 2014 smartphone shipments have slowed down only inching a couple of percentages over the years. Referring to the chart, year-over-year growth has been on the decline since 2010.

Speaking with Statista, Anthony Scarcella, research manager at IDC says, “With ultra-high-end flagships all the rage in 2017, many of these new bezel-less wonders proved to be more of a luxury than a necessity among upgraders.”

Source: Statista

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