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Gesture Controls To Headline Next HTC Handset

A few issues notwithstanding, HTC have found a new sense of identity with their U smartphone range. What’s more, it looks like the U Play and U Ultra handsets released earlier this month are only the start of the story for the U brand.

Infamous tech-blogger Evan Blass, writing for VentureBeat, says that the 2017 flagship for the U range is still yet to come. He says that the new smartphone, codenamed Ocean, will bring a unique gesture-based control scheme called Sense Edge.

According to him “frame-embedded sensors enable the user to control numerous, customizable actions with gestures such as squeezing or swiping along the left and right sides.”

Blass says that the handset will also boast the Snapdragon 835 processor and a fearsome pairing on 12 and 16-megapixel cameras.

No timeline on an official reveal or availability but when it does arrive it’ll be under the simple moniker of HTC U, according to Blass.

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